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STONE LOVE Kool & The Gang Girl the first time we met You took me by surprise Girl you walked into my life With those street corner blues You were living in the fast lane Much to my surprise baby But I feel for you anyway I'm addicted to your love girl *Stone love Solid as a rock I'm in love with you baby Stone love Solid as a rock Girl our love is so unique It's one of a kind And girl when ever we kiss It's like a natural high But we're living in the fast lane Red lights flashing baby Will we ever change The way we are stone love girl *Repeat The life we live is a challenge Always standing on the edge **May not be the best way but that's all we know 'Cause I don't wanna live my life alone no no *,**Repeat Oh love you're my love You're my everything I've ever wanted baby yeah yeah now talking about stone love now You and me baby


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