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STOP LEADING ME ON (Parker / Wright) The Precisions - 1962 You're leading me on Oh, why must this be You're leading me on Don't play with my heart this way If you don't love me, then tell me so And stop leading me on, and let me go, oh-oh-ooh All my dreams are not the same You're leading me on It fills my heart with pain If you don't love me, then tell me so And this leading me on will be no more I thought my love meant something to you (doo-be-doo-be-doo) And that our love was pure and true (aah-aah-aah-aah-aah) I made a foolish mistake And I was falling so deeply over you So, look in my eyes and tell me (I love you so) This is something I must know (I must know) If you don't love me anymore Stop leading me on and let me go, woh-oh-oh And let me go (Stop leading me on) (Contributed/Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2005)


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