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STORY OF LOVE, THE (April Stevens / Nino Tempo) Nino Tempo Orch. (Narration: April Stevens) - 1972 I love you, oh, how I love you Always remember, my love How beautiful it is today More beautiful than yesterday And tomorrow, tomorrow You came to me so swiftly, and stayed Your love covering me completely What happiness by your side In the morning when I wake And in the stillness of the night With you reaching out for me Reach for me I'm so happy with you I love everything about you Your voice, your smile, the way you touch me I became alive for the first time And, oh, I want to go on living with you Loving you, feeling you, knowing all your needs And giving all that I have to give To the very last breath in me, and even then Nothing can change what we have We're as one, even apart I'm yours in this world or any other world Just know it, my darling, believe it And remember, remember Sweet, sweet man My strong man, tender man, my man I'll never leave you Keep reaching for me, I'll always be there Waiting It'll go on and on Through all eternity For ever and ever As long as you remember me For I love you Oh, how I love you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2020)


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