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THE STORY OF THE VERY MERRY WIDOW From the film "Pin Up Girl" (1944) Lyrics: Mack Gordon / Music: James V. Monaco Betty Grable & Chorus (Film Soundtrack) - 1944 Did, did, di-di-di-did you hear The story of the verry merry widow? The merry widow used to go for waltzes And she danced a minuet surprisingly swell But she threw her waltzes away Yes, the widow is hep today Now the little lady like to do the rhumba And she really does it socko At The Stork and El Morocco Where they say she knows her sambas very, very well The merry widow used to go for operas In the royal box she looked majestically swell Now she gives her tickrts away And she's right in the groove today For the little lady likes a bit o' boogie-woogie And she's trade La Traviata For a trumpet's rat-tat-ta-ta And they say she digs her jivin' very, very well When it was teatime she used to stop in For a cup of tea with Mrs. Abercrombie But now at teatime she likes to drop in For a double scotch and soda or a zombie The merry widow wore the smartest dresses In the sheerest black se looked excitingly swell But she packed her pretties away Wears a uniform ev'ry day Now the little lady has no time for dancing Does her job with great devotion She's a cinch for big promotion And they say she does her duties very, very well Very, very well, very, very well CHORUS: Now she hasn't any time for sambas And she hasn't a minute to spare for boogie-woogie Hip-hip-hooray, she's on her way, no time to play now This merry little widow is a busy little widow Working for the U.S.A (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - Feruary 2009) (Contributed by - February 2009)


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