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STRANGE ARE THE WAYS OF LOVE (Dimitri Tiomkin (m) / Ned Washington (l) 1959) Gogi Grant 1959 From the colour film ‘The Young Land’ (May 1 1959) Director: Ted Tetzlaff Leads: Patrick Wayne / Yvonne Craig / Dennis Hopper / Dan O’Herlihy The song is sung in the movie by Randy Sparks A rainbow colors The autumn sky So overpowering You want to cry Yet no one sees it But you and I Strange are the ways of love. The sunlight kisses A grain of sand Those who are lonely Don't understand They say it's nothing We say it's grand Strange are the ways of love. The hand of fate Was long overdue Yet we were worlds apart I never dreamed of being with you Now we're heart to heart. This is a young land And young are we We know how tender Young love can be But in my rapture It seems to me Strange are the ways of love Strange are the ways of love. (Transcribed by David Story - October 2013)


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