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STRANGER CALLED THE BLUES, A (Mel Torme / Robert Wells) as recorded by June Christy with Pete Rugolo & his Orchestra 1955 I met up with a stranger this evening, After you turned me down, A sad lookin' Joe who chased me all over town. But when you're feelin' lonely you welcome anyone Who offers you a shoulder to use, So I'm makin' friends with a stranger called the blues! He was standin' behind me this evenin', I guess he could hardly wait For you to reveal the words that would seal my fate. He said he knew the score, He's been around before When love has worn a hole in its shoes, So here I sit with a stranger called the blues! "B" is for the bitter tears I'm tasting, "L" is for the lonely nights I'll know. "U", you've found another heart to play with, "E" means I envy the so and so! So we ended a romance this evening, That bitter sweet charade, 'Cause you, little fool, Forgot every rule we made! To you our love became A stupid little game, No runs, no hits, one error, guess who's When I wound up with a stranger called the blues, A travel ridden, good for nothin' stranger called the blues! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2015)


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