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STREET PARADE (Earl King) Earl King I can hear music, somewhere out there, And I can the hear the happy voices, out in the air, It make me want to celebrate, ooh I feel good inside, And I wanna' get outdoors, (yes I do) and open wide, A big time serenade, It must be a Street Parade. And I wanna second line, gonna have a good time, yeaaa, - instrumental drum and horns - I get excited, with every beat of the drum, It makes you want to get out with it, and have a whole lotta fun, We gonna do dance dancing, out in the street, Oh come on baby, oh lord yea, just you and me, A big time serenade, we're going to a Street Parade. And we gonna Second line, gonna have a good time, time, time -- instrumental drum and horns - hit me - hit me - hit me - Yeaaaa! Whoooaaweeee! hit me saints! ooooooooooooYea you right! Clap your hands people, let me hear them clap And keep on clappin now, let me hear th'em rap! yea Everybody just do your thing, no promise what tomorrow bring So shake your tambourine, like you do down in New Orleans, A big time serenade, we're going to a street parade, And we gonna second line, we're gonna have a good time, time, time, - instrumental drums and horns - pick 'em up and put 'em down, your feet don't stay on the ground, Shake 'em up and don't let go, Shake it til ya can't no more, everybody move ya hips, go on and let ya backbone slip, give it everthing ya got, Everybody's got to live a lot .......... fade out


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