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SUGAR MOON (Percy Wenrich / Stanley Murphy, 1910) Lindy Lou and Jasper in the fields of sugar cane, Down in Loosiana, Jasper was so love sick, that his heart was filled with pain For his Lindy Lou. When the sun was shining bright, He'd make love with all his might, Lindy'd say: "You're acting like a loon, Don't come fussin' 'round at noon, Nighttime is the time to spoon, Underneath the sugar moon." Jasper says to Lindy: "Won't you be my lovin' bride?" Sugar moon am shinin', Lindy says "Uh huh", and cuddles closer to his side, Wedding mighty soon. Gwine to have a barbecue, Gwine to roast an ox or two, Possum pie 'simmon jam and coon. Can't you hear the banjos ring, Can't you hear Miss Lindy sing, Underneath the sugar moon? When the sugar moon am moonin,' You can spoon and keep on spoonin,' Croon a tune and keep on croonin' When you croon, croon a tune, that a coon can croon in June. For I love to hear you hummin', And I dearly love to spoon; But my lovin' coon, turtle dovin' coon, Underneath the sugar moon.


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