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SUGAROLLY MOUNTAINS Jim Diamond Here I go again Looking back on yesterday Oh the games we played, Oh the innocence The sun it always seemed to shine Autumn spring right through winter time Oh and my family and friends of mine, Filled me so full of confidence And oh and run like the wind Free at last my young heart would sing I lived my dreams out on, the sugarolly mountains While looking down on mo mean city, way below So many dreams up on, the sugarolly mountains One day I'd be a rock and roll singer The next I'd be building boats And turning back another page The school yard and the football game Oh how we laughed through the purple haze Playing on the radio Arithmatic geography, They all just seemed to sail by me I just thank God for the poetry And that ringing bell I called liberty yeah And oh I'd run like the wind Free at last my young heart would sing yeah And when you world is closing in You've got no place to hide Just close your eyes, count to ten Climb on up and stake your claim


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