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SUGAR PLUM From the film "Thanks A Million" (1935) (Music: Arthur Johnston / Lyrics: Gus Kahn) Ann Dvorak & Patsy Kelly (Film Soundtrack) - 1935 Bob Howard & His Orch. (vocal: Bob Howard) - 1935 Teddy Wilson & His Orch. - 1936 My sweetie isn't very up to date He's no sophisticate, I will admit He doesn't sparkle when he speaks to me But when he sings to me, he makes a hit Although his head may worry you He still can thrill me through and through He calls me Sugar Plum Sugar Plum sounds kinda dumb But nothing sounds dumb When it comes from the one I love I call him Lollipop Lollipop means he's the top And he's the top 'Cause he's the one I love We have a language that's all our own I'm his Eskimo Pie and he's my Ice Cream Cone He calls me Sugar Plum Yummy-yummy-yummy-yum That's the way it sounds When it comes from the one I love (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2012)


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