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SUMMER SOLDIER Barclay James Harvest I feel sorry for the soldier who is shot and stoned in anger I feel sorry for his wife and child at home I feel sorry for the bomber who all life and limb dishonours For the people that he's maimed and left alone The Lord God said love thy neighbour Though in human life he trades, he's still a man I feel sorry for the children who with open mind are willing To fight for ideals aged and past their time I feel sorry for the children who will join the vicious circle Of instinct fear bred from their parents' minds The Lord God said love thy neighbour Break the circle, free the hater, call him a friend Wake up, wake up, there's a man by your side With a knife and a gun in each hand Wake up, wake up, you're one and the same It's time to stop and decide Is it love or hate? Is it peace or war? It's for sure there's no inbetween Politicians point views But they're pointing for you The solution has to be seen I thought I saw a summer soldier, helmet on his brow His silver rifle clutched beneath his armour-plated shroud I fire in hate, he cried aloud To protect myself from defeat My shield's my cause, my cause is war And from war I'll make no retreat I dreamt I saw an angel bright, a halo on his brow His golden sword lay in its sheath beneath his silver shroud I draw thee not, he cried aloud Though your deeds like spears strike my soul My shield's my love, my cause is peace Faith be sure I shall not retreat (Contributed by =Ae= - August 2013)


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