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SUNDOWN MAMMA Eckland as rec by George Melly w John Chilton's Feetwarmers 1970's Sidewalk Sally, the lily of the alley, She never saw the light of day; She came out when the sun went down, Tryin' to make her evenings pay! Although the lonely years have passed her by, Leaving nothing in her souvenirs, Suddenly came Midnight Willie, Offering to share her years. So hand in hand they stand, and love becomes Two lonely shadows melting into one. She's a sundown mamma, a certain kind of vamp, Standin' every evenin' underneath the lamp. She's the oldest broad on old Broadway, But in the park, When it's dark, You can't see much anyway! The electric light is her stars and moon, Her only Lovers' Lane is a dim saloon! When the dawn comes around she starts fadin' away, Now she's a sundown mams, tryin' to make it through the day! She's a sundown mama, a creature of the night, Waitin' for her Willie underneath the light! It's the last go-round but it's goin' right, And they find Love is blind In the middle of the night! Walkin' hand in hand like lovers from the past, Stretchin' every hour just to make it last; All the clocks runnin' down, they'll take all that they can, 'Cause she's a sundown mama, Waitin' for a midnight, Underneath the lamplight, Waitin' for midnight man! (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2010)


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