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SUNFIGHTER Paul Kantner You know we found a place on the land Where we can lay down and watch the ocean roll And we walk in the sand my lady and me And we watch and see the child grow But the hand of man came runnin thru Runnin thru you and me Hurricane nighttime sympathy for you and for me And there ain't no more room here, no more room here No more room on this planet to grow The rambler man he comes and he goes in our land And gets you people on and we sing his song With a little bit of San Francisco added on Gonna get you people here all together, gonna roll, Roll on you - try to move your minds together, Gonna try to pull you thru - Sub carbon oscillation, sunshine blurring fascination Pulsar craft, moving fast, gonna take me past the hand of man to you The sword of the lord don't mean nothin to me if he won't get down On the people makin' such a mess of the land and the sea all around me... Got to learn to leave the planet be No more room here to fuck around like we did before, Just maybe one more chance to leave it be. SUNFIGHTER - GUNFIGHTER - MOUNT THE EARTH AND LEARN TO RIDE HER - FEEL THE LAND MOVIN UNDER YOU I can feel you all around me I can feel you huntin, bowstring weary, Hear me clearly - I see you - And I like it here - I like it here SUNFIGHTER - GUNFIGHTER - MOUNT THE EARTH AND LEARN TO RIDE HER - FEEL THE LAND, NIGHTTIME HURRICANE - MOVIN UNDER YOU


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