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SUNRISE SERENADE Jack Lawrence (l), Frankie Carle (m) - 1939 Glen Gray, Casa Loma Orchestra - 1939 Good mornin' Good mornin' You sleepyhead It's dawnin' Stop yawnin' Get out of that bed Say the air is soft as silk It's time to get the mornin' milk Come on! Wake up! Get up! Look at the grass Silver in the sun Heavy with the dew Look at the buds You can almost see How they're breakin' through Look at the birds Feedin' all their young In the sycamores But you better get on With your mornin' chores Just take a breath Of that new-mown hay And the sugarcane Looks like tonight There should be a moon Down in lovers' lane There you go daydreaming When it's time that you obeyed That sunrise serenade (Contributed by Greg Web - January 2015)


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