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SWANEE BLUES (J. Milton Delcamp / Frank Goodman, 1920) I've seen the Swanee River flow along, I've heard a Swanee bird sing out it's song, To you that may be just a melody, But its beautiful music to me The Swanee Moon that's shining up above, Just seems to bless my Swanee home with love, My Swanee friends were always true, The name of Swanee makes me blue. I've been away so very long it seems, But I'm in Swanee every night in dreams, Why must I be wandering all around, Down in Swanee there's happiness found; I've longed to breathe that Swanee atmosphere, Where smiling faces filled my heart with cheer, More fragrant is the Swanee Rose Than any other flow'r that grows. I always seem to get the Swanee Blues, When my Mammy sends me Southern news, My heart beats so fast I find, Dixie scenes are on my mind, I can't stay longer, something stronger, Calls me to that Swanee shore, there's a "Bay of Sunshine" whom I long to see, She has made the Swanee, Paradise to me, So there is no more time to lost And I'll shake my wand'ring shoes for I am going back to cure my Swanee Blues.


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