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SWANSEA TOWN (John Davies) Recorded by : Max Boyce, Sir Harry Secombe; The Morriston Orpheus Male Voice Choir, ... and more I'm going home to Swansea Town, the day is nearly dawning. I'm going home to that sea-port sound, one lovely seatown morning. And she'll be waiting there for me, and she'll be glad to see me. And I'll not leave my town again, a fortune won't persuade me. Chorus: Once more I'll wander through the valley, see that lovely golden shore. let others search the whole world over, I'm coming home, home once more. Those early days in my home town, those years we spent together. Oh, all too soon, they slip away, they'll stay with me forever. Chorus (repeat verse one) (Contributed by : James Rhys Davies - October 2004) "My father, John Davies, wrote this song for Max Boyce in 1975. The verse with the brambles was written by Max for that recording only. John Davies wrote the chorus for Sir Harry Secombe at the request of the artist." ***** I'M GOING HOME TO SWANSEA TOWN (John Davies) Recorded by: Max Boyce; Harry Secombe; Robert Shaw Chorale; The Holst Singers; The Watersons. I'm going home to Swansea town The day is almost dawning I'm going back to those sea port sounds One lovely sea town morning. I'm going home to Swansea town, To where those ways are brambled 'Neath the seatown sky, where seagulls fly And as a boy I rambled. Long years ago I sailed away The urge to roam came creeping Yet somehow my heart got left behind With a girl who stood there weeping In the quiet hours of the night time watch I dream her there beside me I see her face, I feel her grace And peace wells up inside me I hope she's there beside that quay I hope she's glad to see me And I'll not leave that town again No fortune will assuade me (Contributed by Sian Charlton & Mel Priddle - April 2004) (Comments by James Rhys Davies : "The last two verses here are not the work of the composer") *****


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