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SWEET ALIBIS Marvin Hamlisch / Carole Bayer Sager 1977 as rec by Carmen McRae also rec by Carole Bayer Sager '77 Can't take no more of your sweet alibis, Yesterday's lies, Friendless goodbyes; I've had my fill of your sweet alibis, when I look in your eyes It's driving me crazy! Four in the mornin', and I hear you comin' in, Trying to pretend I don't know where you've been. How could the fire suddenly go bad, Or am I losing something I never had? Each night I lay so cold in your arms, Tellin' myself, "Used to love me!"; And every day gets harder to hide, Something has died And it's driving me crazy! Ooh, it's drivin' me crazy! Yeah, driving me crazy! And though I know I'd be better alone, I just can't let go of the best love I've known; But could I live without your sweet alibis? Don't look in my eyes, You're drivin' me crazy! Ooh-ooh, you're drivin' me crazy! Yeah yeah, you're drivin' me crazy! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - June 2011)


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