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SWEETHEART TIME (Words by Harold Robe / Music by Milbury H. Ryder, 1916) Night time in June, right time to spoon, man in the moon looking down from above, breezes are light, stars shining bright, fireflies are flashing their wireless above roses in bloom, spreading perfume bluebells are ringing their wedding ring chime, crickets and whippoor wills calling their trills, they all know it's sweetheart time: Now just we two, swear to be true, man in the moon dear, is laughing aloud, old mister moon, please let us spoon, can't you find business behind some dark cloud winds softly sigh, while nightbirds cry nature is drowsy and everything is fine, now, dear, it's not a miss to steal a kiss, they all do in sweetheart time: It's sweetheart time, just good old sweetheart time, so, honey, under pale moon beams, we'll plan love's sweetest dreams, hug, squeeze, cupid decrees, in sweetheart time, I'll have you all for mine, we'll find a dear little cozy nest, in that bright rosy best, sweetheart time.


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