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SWEETIE O'MINE (Haven Gillespie / Egbert Van Alstyne, 1920) Dearie, hear the joyful bells aringing gay, While the news is spreading of our wedding day, Cupid's in the aisle dressed in his Sunday smile, Awaiting there to guide us on our way. Since my sweetie named the day and everything, I've been saving up my pay to buy the ring, All the folks I see are wishing they were me, They say I'm as lucky as can be. The choir is singing, just for that Sweetie o' mine, The chimes are ringing for me and Sweetie o' mine, And to a cozy bungalow, Where pretty roses grow I'll soon be bringing, that Sweetie o' mine; Since dear old school days she's been a Sweetie o' mine, Since golden rule days, I've loved her all of the time, And you can tell the world for me, she's always going to be, The same old sweetheart, that Sweetie o' mine.


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