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SWEET MAN Maceo Pinkard / Roy Turk as recorded by Lee Morse & her Blue Grass Boys August 12th 1925 New York TNT, gasolene, Even nitroglycerine Ain't got the kick of the kisses I get now, Come on honey! Tried to call him a name, And they all seem much too tame! But he's so blamed cute-like, No names suit my - Sweet man, My sweeter than sweet man, The best on his feet man, And that isn't all! Dancing I claim is just one of his charms; When I'm in his arms I yell like, well, I won't tell! Sweet man, The pleasure to meet man, My candy receipt man, He taught me to smile! Pne kiss from his red lips Sends my conscience off on crips! My sweet man is drivin' me wild! (yodelling) Sweet man, My tidy and neat man, My hotter than heat man With oceans of style; Now he works so doggone fast, I'm like a woman with a past, My son of a xxxxx? sweet man is drivin' me wild! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2013)


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