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SWEET MISTREATER Henry Creamer & Henry Creamer / James Price Johnson Bessie Smith (rec 4/1/27 New York) He was A Jack from Jacksonville, She was a Lou from Louisville. For his highbrow gal he fell, Like old pussy in the well. She used to vamp him now and then, Then run around with other men, So on the telephone, Every night he'd call and moan; Oh you mistreater! Oh you lowdown cheater! No one can be so sweet when you are lovin' you. But when you strut your lizzie, And you knock them dizzy, When you mess around and cheat the way you do When you are out there lowdown you as smart as can be, But how come you so dumb when you easin' home to me? Oh you lowdown cheater! Oh you red-hot mistreater! Oh sweet mistreater, don't mistreat me so! Oh you mistreater! Oh you dirty mistreater! No one can be so sweeter when you are lovin' you. Oh you look so willin', But this way it is killin', Tell me how come you save it the way you do? Yea you wring and you twist, And you can't leave soon enough, And then someone insists They will letb you do your stuff. Oh tell Saint Peter You a no-good cheater, Oh sweet mistreater don't mistreat me so! transcribed by Peter Akers 1/2008 (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2008)


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