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SWINGIN' IN A HAMMOCK Pete Wendling, 1930 Kate Smith (1930, Columbia) Give me a night in June Give me a Summer moon Give me hammock built for two Gee, it's mighty cozy Side by side with you Rockin' up in the air Rockin' away our care Rockin' until our hopes come through Everything looks rosy How can we be blue? Swingin' in a hammock Underneath a tree Just you and I together Swayin' in the breeze And we'll be listenin' to a bluebird Singing up above He says he'll be the lookout While we're making love As we go high, low Playing peek-a-boo With all the stars up in the sky I know in a cradle made of dreams We'll watch the clouds roll by Nearest thing to heaven That I ever knew Here swingin' in a hammock All alone with you (Transcribed by Tyler - May 2012)


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