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TABBY THE CAT (Hal Dickenson / Howard Gibeling) as recorded by Stan Kenton & his Orchestra (vocal - Anita O'Day) November 30th 1944 (radio transcript) Cat who was fat, Struttin' by and he looks so wild. Cat who was fat, Just as sharp as Sinatra's tie! Someone ought to put you in the know, 'Cause after all is said and done, there ain't but the one! He walks around with a righteous air Because he knows that he ain't no square! He never misses a smart affair, Tabby the cat. He strolls around every single night, And let me say it's the strangest sight, He taps his foot with the rhythm stride, Tabby the cat. He's the playboy of the alley, A runnin' around, a doin' the town; And 'cause he calls Count Basie "Pally", All the kittens throw their mittens down whenever he's around! He always bets on the winning team, He knows the inside of every scheme, He leaves the milk but he takes the cream, Tabby the cat! (scat) Well cat, who was fat, Struttin' by he looks so fat! Cat who was fat, Don't try to hand him a lie! They call him Tabby, The very solid cat! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2017)


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