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TABLE IN THE CORNER (Conway Twitty) Conway Twitty - 1967 There's a table in the corner of a honky tonk in town And if you should ever want me, there I can be found There'll be heartache all around me and the blues for company At the table in the corner where we once used to meet There'll be two chairs at the table, but something won't be right 'Cause one chair will be empty, just like my arms tonight Same old faces all around me, everything is still the same But the table in the corner we'll never share again Instrumental Break) Oh, I know that I should leave you and start my life anew But that would mean I have to forget about you And it's no use, I can't forget you, so I guess I'll spend my time At the table in the corner with your sweet love on my mind (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2010)


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