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TAKE ME AROUND AGAIN (Ed. Rose / Kerry Mills, 1907) Said Sammie to Annie, "close up the pianie, let's go thro' the park for a stroll," But Annie told Sammie "You're off your nanny, that park proposition is old." Said he, "I know somewhere, There's nothing but fun there, It's Coney, we went there before;" Then Annie grab'd Sammie, said "That will be dandy, I'm dying to go there once more." Said Sammie, "I'm going, we've seen all worth showing," but Annie just clung to his arm; "I've spent all my money, So don't be a dummy, and act like you just left the farm" But Annie just pouted, "Get tickets," they shouted, and Sam look'd at Annie and sigh'd; "My bank roll's a quarter, and if it gets shorter, We'll have to walk back," he replied. "Take me all around again, 'round again, 'round again, What's the odds how much we spend, Pa's rich and Ma don't care; Let's go down the chutes again, off again, on again; Refuse me, you'll lose me, Come on and amuse me, And take me around again.


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