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TAKE ME TO THE LAND OF JAZZ (Edgar Leslie / Bert Kalmar, 1919) It was down in Tennessee That the Jazzy melody, Originated then waited for popularity; Now in every cabaret, It's the only thing they play, I love to hear it, must be near it; That's why I say: There is music in each breeze Even tombones grow on trees, You hear 'em moaning and groaning their tuneful harmonies; Every cotton planter's son, When he meets his lovin' "hon," Is simply pestered and requested; To join the fun. "Take me to the Land of Jazz, Let me hear the kind of blues that Memphis has; I want to step, To a tune that's full of ginger and pep; Pick 'em up and lay 'em down, Learn to Razmataz, Let me give you a warning, We won't get home until morning; 'Cause everybody's full of Jazzbo; In the lovin' Land of Jazz."


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