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TALK ABOUT THE GOOD TIMES (Words & music by Jerry Reed Hubbard) – 1970 Performed by: Elvis Presley – 1973 Well I remember when I was just children, A time when the people used to treat their neighbors like a fellow man; Them all day singin's and them big prayer meetin's, When a man was proud to walk up and shake on his neighbor's hand; Lord, you talk about the good times, Talk about the good times; Oh if you ever needed help, a friend was there; Some good neighbor Would help lift your burden; And the simple joys of life your friends would share. But the times are harder and the people are changin'; Today most folks couldn't tell ya who their nextdoor neighbors are; All the guns are loaded; the front doors are bolted; Ain't this old world takin' hate and fear just a little too far? Let's talk about the good times, Let's talk about the good times; I wish I could just go back to the days I'm speakin of, When a friend would meet you And a smile would greet you; What this old world needs now is more old fashioned love. Well, my old granddaddy God rest his soul now; Well, we had a big, long talk together the day he died; He said, "Son, this world is so full of hate and venom, And I can't wait to leave this ol' place and rest on the other side. `Cause you talk about a good time, Talk about a good time. Well, I gonna see all the friends I knew in the good old days; We'll have a big hand shakin', And sit and talk together; Sit down by the River Jordan and sing our cares away." Recorded by: Jerry Reed Hubbard - 1970 Elvis Presley - 1973 "Talk About The Good Times recorded by Elvis on Friday, 14 December 1973. Written by: Jerry Reed Hubbard Originally recorded by Jerry Reed Hubbard in 1970 Hear Elvis's version on: Good Times; Walk A Mile In My Shoes—The Essential 70's Masters Disc 4 . Jerry Reed also wrote "Guitar Man" and "U.S. Male"." Interesting link:


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