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TALK TO YOU The Small Faces Listen, It's been three months, Since I was last with you, Ha, So many people trying to, Stop me geting through, Heah, The doorman he just laughed, But I don't want no autograph, Now, listen to me baby, All I want to do, Is talk to you, Ha. You know I didn't stop you doin', Things you wanted to do, But now it's gone too far, It looks like I'm losing you, Heah, But I don't want sympathy, No, no ,no But please don't turn your back on me, Listen, baby All I want to do, Is talk to you. Heah. I gotta talk to you, I gotta try to make you see, Just how very, very much , You mean to me, Yep, yep, yeah, ha. Would it be too much, To try and jog your memory? You remember me, baby, ha, I hope that I'm still, Part of your history, heah, Now I don't want to share your car, No, no, no, Or stop you being a star, Ha, All I want to, All I want to do, You know what I got to do, Ha, Got to keep on trying


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