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TATTLE-TALE (Bob Schaefer / Irving Rose / Jack Lawrence) (1941) You're a tattle-tale, You keep rushing to and fro Babbling like a radio, Telling everything you know. When you're supposed to keep it in ya You spread it from Virginia to Seattle, Tattle-tale, You're a tattle-tale I should hide you on a shelf, You're a mischief-making elf Even tattle on yourself, Altho' I tell you many secrets They aren't any secrets when you prattle, Tattle-tale It wouldn't matter that you chatter And you get in my hair If you'd get into my arms. Blabber, blabber, jibber, jabber, what do I care About who married who, if it isn't me and you! But you're lovable. I'm completely mad about, And what dreams I've had about you, You little gadabout, Why don't you shout it from a steeple And tell a million people That I love you, tattle-tale. (Contributed by Ferda Dolunay - April 2005)


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