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TATTLE-TALE DUCK (Bob Merril)(1953) Sammy Kaye The tattle tale, tattle tale, tattle tale duck The tattle tale, tattle tale, tattle tale duck She'll tell on me, she'll tell on you And add a little to the story, too! The tattle tale, tattle tale quacketty quack She waggles in front and she wiggles in back Oh just look out, you're out of luck If you get caught by the tattle tale duck. the rooster just dropped in to "Joe's" To say "hello" to boys he knows, But here is the story that came back According to old quack quack quack 'Twere sixteen blondes and ten brunettes The kind don't care how late it gets They danced all night and she'll insist She counted ev'ry blonde the rooster kissed. Now when the rooster did come in His hen picked up her rolling pin; The duck had called her on the phone, It almost wrecked their happy home So, if you steal a kiss or two The pigs won't squeal, the cow's won't moo There ain't a rooster's gonna cluck But please be careful of the tattle-tale duck. (Contributed by Ferda Dolunay - April 2005)


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