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TB BLUES Huddy Ledbetter TB Blues Trk 5 Disc 2 Huddie Ledbetter - vocal & guitar Album: The Essential by Allegro Classic Blues Spoken: Now this is the TB Blues. The first girl ever had the TB, she died. And the woman have one child in world and that was her girl. And she run with twenty-five or thirty mens and the man she loved best is one was a sweetback man he was dressed up all the time. But the men that wore *overhauls, she wouldn't take a dime from them. Asked that man for one dime. And while she was sick that worried her to death over that man didn't have no dime. And she was gettin' to sing the TB blues. In them times ev'rybody have the TB, died. And hear what she tell her mother ev'rytime her mother come 'round to her bed she look in her face, and here what she said: It's too late, too late Too late, too late, too late It's too late, too late, too late Too late, too late I'm on my way to Denver And mama must I hesitate TB's alright to have it here Friend just treat ya's so low down TB's alright to have it here Friends just treat you so low down Don't you ask 'em for no favors They'll even stop a- comin' around Mmm, this TB is killin' me Mmm, this TB is killin' me My mama like a prisoner Always a-working the streets Well, I'm on-on-on my feet Couldn't ev' much walk down the street But the mens are lookin' at me >From my head to my feet But they's dead now, this TB is killin me You're better buried or in the deep blue sea Mmm-mmm Mmm-mm-mm I got a tuberculosis Consuption is killing me. *same as overalls (Contributed by awcantor - March 2008)


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