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TEACH ME TO TWIST (Kal Mann / Dave Appell) Chubby Checker & Bobby Rydell - 1962 Chubby, teach me to twist Chubby, teach me to twist for if I don't know how look at all I miss watch me now when I more like this c'mon Chubby, and teach me to twist. Bobby, it's easy to twist Bobby, it's so easy to twist and now join the crowd in loop and loop like the hoola-hoop c'mon Bobby, I'll teach you to twist And you twist'em all around put you on the ground and the rest of you go round and round. Chubby, teach me to twist Bobby, you're on the list Everybody's twistin' now If we take the floor and I'll show you how. everybody's well teachin' to twist. Chubby, teach me to twist Chubby, hanks for the tips I left the dance go on now for the whole world is twistin' now everybody's doin the twist


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