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TEARDROPS (Sonny Bono / Larry Williams) Larry Williams - 1959 You left, left me to cry At a table that was set for two But the most I can offer A tear drop for you Tear drop for you (Teardrop for you) The pain deep inside Uummm, I know it won't show through But the most I can offer Is a tear drop, tear drop A tear drop for you I'd show the world (I'd show the world) Woooh, my emotions (My emotions) Yes, but what (Yes, but what) What good would it be (What good would it be) I'd tell the world (I'd tell the world) Of my devotion (Of my devotion) Yet, could it bring (Duh-duh) you back (Duh-duh) To me (Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh) I swallowed, swallowed my pride For your love I could never hide Little girl, little girl, the most I could offer Is a tear drop (Tear drop for you) (Transcribed by Cookie & Mel Priddle - March 2006)


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