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TELL ME HE OLD, OLD STORY (Words and music by Richard L. Weaver, 1908) There's a question ever new sweetheart I would ask of you, will you tell me once again the story dear, ... It's the theme of life's sweet song, as the ages roll along, making sunshine when the clouds seem near, ... In the days of "Auld Lang Syne" those sweet days when you were mine, Many hours we pass'd together by the mill, ... Time has chang'd us both since then, but I've wandered back again, for your answer that you love me still Now the birds as sweetly sing 'Round the ivy cover'd spring, as they did for us sweetheart in time before, and I'm waiting here today, fondly hoping you will say, that you love me as you did of yore, ... when I've travell'd far and near, there was naught in life to cheer, all the world is shadow'd dearest without you, and for each fond joy apart, I've the longing in my heart for that dear old story ever new... Tell me the old, old story, that you love me as of yore,... others strive for fame and glory, I'm content with your love evermore, ... time can never change you sweetheart, with your eyes of violet blue, ... I'm waiting to be told, the story sweet and old, you love me still as I love you.


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