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THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE GIRLS From "Gigi" (1958) (Alan Jay Lerner / Frederick Leowe) Recorded by: Chet Baker; Les Brown; Barbara Brussell; Jack Carroll; Maurice Chevalier; Rosemary Clooney; Nick Curtis; Alfred Drake; Merle Haggard; Hit Crew; Steve Howe; Dick Hyman; Davy Jones; Hank Jones; Jack Jones; London Philharmonic Orch.; Adam Mansell Orch.; Ashley Miller; Liza Minnelli; Ron Moody; 101 Strings Orch.; André Previn; John Raitt; Peter Sellers; Topol; Dionne Warwick. INTRO Called "Opening" on the CD, this little bit is sung by Honore (played by Maurice Chevalier) right before he sings Thank Heaven For Little Girls. Now for example here we find Exhibit A, the married kind These ladies stood their ground and won And I salute them, every one Here are some others to behold For whom the bells have never tolled Oh what a poor defenseless pair In those pathetic rags they wear (Transcribed by Holly Tooker - December 2003) ***** THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE GIRLS Each time I see a little girl Of five or six or seven I can't resist a joyous urge To smile and say Thank heaven for little girls For little girls get Bigger every day Thank heaven for little girls They grow up in The most delightful way. Those little eyes So helpless and appealing When they were flashing Send you crashing Through the ceiling Thank heaven for little girls Thank heaven for them all No matter where, No matter who Without them What would little boys do Thank heaven (2x) Thank heaven for little girls. *****


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