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THANKS From the film "Too Much Harmony" (1933) (Sam Coslow / Arthur Johnston) Bing Crosby (Film Soundtrack) - 1933 Ray Noble & His Orch. (vocal: Al Bowlly) - 1933 Lew Stone & The Monseigneur Band (vocal: Al Bowlly) - 1933 Mel Tormé - 1994 Also recorded by: Bob Barnard; Eric Parkin; Bing Crosby & Dan Dailey; Carl Brisson. We used to dwell in love's own palace A palace of dreams come true Now that we're through, I bear no malice Though we've called it a day, all I can say is..... Thanks for all the lovely delights I found in your embrace I'm thankful, though I know it's ending all too soon And thanks for unforgettable nights I never can replace And memories that linger like a haunting tune It is better to have loved you, dear, and lost Than never to have loved at all Yes, it's better, for no matter what the cost I held the world in sway, an Emperor for a day And thanks again for taking me on the road to paradise We lost our way, but still I must convey my thanks


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