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THAT CERTAIN FEELING fr "Tip-Toes" 1925 musical sb Allen Kearns & Queenie Smith George Gershwin (m) Ira Gershwin (l) 1925 as rec by Ella Fitzgerald w Nelson Riddle & his Orch July 15th 1959 Hollywood also rec by - Paul Whiteman & his Orch '25 Fred Elizalde & his Cinderella Roof Orch '26 George Gershwin '26 Layton & Johnstone '26 Ted Heath & his Music '55 Pearl Bailey '56 Chris Connor '57 That certain feeling The first time I met you; I hit the ceiling, I could not forget you! You were completely sweet, Oh what could I do? I wanted phrases To sing his praises! That certain feeling, The one that they all love; No use concealing, I've got what they call love! Now we're together, Let's find out whether You're feeling that feeling too! I felt it happen Just as you came in view! Grew sort of dizzy, Thought, "Gee, who is he?". That certain feeling, I'm here to confess it, Is so appealing, No words can express it! I cannot hide it, I must confide it, I'm feeling that feeling too! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - August 2012)


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