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THAT MAN OF MY DREAMS Maurice Beresford / Johnson as recorded by Sophie Tucker with Ted Shapiro and Harry Bidgood's Broadcasters 1930 I've planned and schemed, I've hoped and dreamed About a man I could love; And now at last, Loneliness past, My lucky star's shown above. I've met my destiny, He's more than life to me! He's got everything a girl could crave, Eyes that get me, so I can't behave! When he kisses me, I'm just his slave, That man of my dreams. When he starts in with his lovin' me, I just give in so obediently! He's a dream that has come true to me, That man of my dreams. I am not ashamed to say that I am weak where he is concerned, So my weary years of waiting patiently are now well earned, I'm living in heaven! Angels sent him from above to me, He's made my life a lover's rhapsody! I will love him till they call for me, That man of my dreams. I'm no flapper but that man, oh gee, You should see him cultivating me! What a harvest there's going to be With that man of my dreams. Oh I know I'm fat , but still I'm nice and warm Yes indeed, my figure has weathered lots of strife and storm! But he says he just loves a lot of form, That man of my dreams. I'm not an amateur, I've loved before, So I should know! Why, with the practice that I've had, When I start on that lad, He'll surely go home on a stretcher! I know where this affair is leading to, I'll say yes to all he wants to do! To be red hot is better than being blue With that man of my dreams! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - August 2013)


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