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THAT'S ALL I CAN REMEMBER Mel Tillis & Marijohn Wilkin Lefty Frizzell, Cowboy Copas, Burl Ives I'm Lookin' Up From Somewhere Below The Atmosphere Is Warm And They've Got Plenty Of Coal Maybe Someone Above Can Hear My Story How A Fool Lost His Soul For A Moment Of Glory Chorus And That's All, That's All, That's All THAT'S ALL THAT I CAN REMEMBER Now Bill Was My Friend, Throughout My Short-Lived Life 'Til I Caught Him Out With Mary, My Wife Then The Wheels In My Head Started Turnin' A Death Plan I Made Up For Both Of Those Concernin' REPEAT CHORUS They Took Me To Prison And They Locked Me In A Cell They Gave Me My Last Big Meal Then Strapped Me To A Chair Then My Life Before My Eyes Came Returnin' Then They Turned On The Juice, And I Felt Somethin' A Burnin' REPEAT CHORUS TWICE. SPECIAL NOTE... Alternate First Verse exists... it was only ever used in Burl Ives' rendition of the song... Neither Lefty Frizzell nor Cowboy Copas used it in their renditions. Frankly, I like the first verse in the Frizzell and Copas versions better... however I have printed the alternate first verse below: Come Listen While I Tell You 'Bout A Man That's Gonna Die Be Patient With Me Won't You Please, If I Should Start To Cry Maybe One Of You Can Understand My Story How A Fool Lost His Soul For A Moment Of Glory... (Contributed by Garr Norick - April 2008)


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