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THAT SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY (WHEN YOU'RE DOWN IN DIXIE) (Chas. McCarron / Raymond Walker, 1915) I love to meet a man and take him by the hand if he's from Dixie from dear old Dixie Because in Dixie land the people treat you grand. They've got that Southern Hospitality, Gee, there's something the matter with you If you can really be lonesome and blue in Dixie. You'll find a welcome there on every easy chair When you're in Dixie In dear old Dixie And when you get a meal, you get a meal that's real With good old sweet potatoes Southern style, While there's nothing the matter with me I know a little bit better I'd be in Dixie. When you're down in Dixie, In a town in Dixie, With its Southern ways, Its "Home and Mother" days In their arms they take you Right at home, they make you. Oh, oh, oh, you're always pickin' on a chicken When you're down in Dixie In a town in Dixie You're welcome, you're welcome to all you see, And the population's at the station there When your train pulls in from "Any where" They're always glad to see you, take it from me It's that Southern Hospitality.


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