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THAT'S WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU (Walter Donaldson 1930) as recorded by The Boswell Sisters with Jackie Taylor & his Orchestra July 20th 1930 Hollywood also recorded by - Thomas "Fats" Waller w Jack Teagarden & his Orchestra '31 Ted Weems & his Orchestra '32 Hug a little, love a little, that's what I like about you, (scat) Squeezer, little teaser, is more than you say that you do! And there's another little thing, I like another little thing, I like you know what to do when the doin' it is necessary! Just a gentle temperamental playboy from double do, Gentle temperamental with nothin' to do, Just a little different from anyone I ever knew. Every thing you do is swell, what you do you do so well, You yes a little, no a little, that's what I like about you! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2014)


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