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THAT'S WHAT YOU JOLLY WELL GET From the film "Thank Your Lucky Stars" (1943) (Lyrics: Frank Loesser / Music: Arthur Schwartz) Errol Flynn & Men's Chorus (Film Soundtrack) - 1943 I can see the question in your eyes I can see the twitchin' of your ears Now, it's not to be repeated, but, gentlemen, be seated And I'll tell you where I've been for all these years (If he's very nicely treated and we 'ave his toddy heated) (He'll tell us where he's been for all these years) I was out on the blue Pacific with a cruiser of the Fleet Hoppin' over the side for me Saturday dip (Go on, go on!) When I noticed a Jap torpedo whizzin' by beneath my feet Comin' lickety-split and headed for our ship (Fancy that!) So I stopped 'er with me left And I turned 'er with me right And I aimed 'er very careful And I shoved with all me might And I sank the sub what sent 'er And I roared with righteous wrath "That's what you jolly well get That's what you jolly well get Disturbin' me Saturday evenin' bath." (Hooray!) (He's won the war!) (He's won the war!) But I'm modest to the core (Hooray!) (He's won the war!) (And though he's rather shy) I'm terribly, terribly shy (He will admit he's won the war) I was captured around Benghazi by a Nazi regiment After polishin' off 'alf a thousand or more (He's barmy!) And it took 'em two pairs of tanks To drag me into the General's tent Where they started to search the uniform I wore (My word!) When they took away my gun, I was pleasant as could be But then they took a letter what my sweetheart wrote to me So I bashed their bloomin' brains in And I lived to tell the tale That's what they jolly well get That's what they jolly well get For readin' a gentleman's private mail (Hooray!) (He's won the war!) (He's won the war!) And I won the one before (Hooray!) (He's won the war!) I 'ates to tell the tale (But give him a barrel of ale) (And he'll admit he's won the war) I was 'avin' me leave in London back in nineteen-forty-one 'Avin' breakfast in bed at a fancy address (Oh yes?) When a Jerry come by and dropped a bomb What must'a weighed a ton It was difficult to collect myself, I guess (I should think!) So to Croydon Field I ran And I hopped a plane from there Now, I couldn't tell who done it There was thousands in the air So I shot down all the blighters And I told 'em all, "You see That's what you jolly well get That's what you jolly well get For splashin' a gentleman's cup o' tea" (Hooray!) (He's saved the day!) (He's saved the day!) In my own quiet way (Hooray!) (He's saved the day!) I always zips me lips (But treat him to fish and chips) (And he'll confess he's saved the day!) (Hooray! Hooray!) (He's won the war! He's won the war!) (He's won the war! He's won the war!) (This mighty conqueror!) (Hooray! Hooray!) (He's won the war!) (So to this most heroic gent) (We ought to erect a monument) (And put it in Trafalgar Square) (Where he can enjoy the open air) (Hooray!) (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - April 2012)


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