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THAT'S WHEN I'LL STOP LOVING YOU (Vernon Harrell) Linda Jones (with The O'Jays) - 1969 (That's when I'll stop loving you) (That's when I'll stop loving you) When the birds no longer use wings to fly, no-no And the raindrops stop falling, yeah, from the sky, oh yeah When mathmeticians find, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, that one plus one isn't two Now doncha know that that's when, ah doncha know that's when I'll stop lovin' you, Baby Oh-oh-oh-ooh, stop lovin' ya, Darlin', yeah When there is no remedy for, oh-ooh, for aches an', for aches and pains, yeah-yeah-yeah And when the flowers, the flowers they no longer, no longer grow from the rain, oh-ooh, yeah-yeah And when old Broadway, Broadway changes to Fifth Avenue Now doncha know that that's when, oh-oooh, that's when I'll stop lovin' you, aw Baby, no-ooh The only way I'll stop lovin' ya, Darlin' You've shown me the joy love can truly bring, yes ya did now And you made my, my sad life like the first day, like the first day, woooooooooooh, the first day of Spring Oo-oo-oo-ooh, now when the rays of the Sun are gone No longer, it no longer gives us heat And this ol' heart of mine, don't y'all know, that one day it's gonna refuse to beat And one last thing I've got to say And if I wake, if I awake and find there's no more, no more mornin' dew Now doncha know that that's when, ooooooooooooo........FADE (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2004)


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