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THAT'S WORTH WHILE WAITING FOR (Words by Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young / Music by Harry Ruby, 1919) I know a boy who is crazy about; a certain pet; it's two years since they've met, and he hasn't got her yet. This little girl that he's crazy about; kind o' turned his head, 'Cause when I asked him to describe her; here's what he said: Each night he begs for that one little kiss, he's wild about; he'll get that kiss no doubt, if his patience don't wear out. Day after day he keeps telling the boys, what a gal he has, and when he's finished they all holler; "cut out that jazz." "She's just the kind of a miss that's worth while waiting for she's got the kind of a kiss, that's worth while waiting for; she's always bashful and shy, but when you whisper "good-bye," she puts that 'promising look' in her eye, that's worth while waiting for; she's got that wonderful smile the smile that you adore; she let's you squeeze her awhile, then makes you beg for more; she's got the kind of petting the kind that's worth while getting, and what's worth getting is worth while waiting for.


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