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THE AMERICAN IN ME Steve Forbert I need me a destination I ain't the kinda cat's gon' just jump in his car an' drive I'm usin' my transportation so then when am I going to arrive? chorus: and I guess it's just the American in me and I guess it's just the way I'm apt to be and I guess it's just they're stoppin' me out on the freeway 'n they ask of me what I do and where I'm bound I used to get a lot more leeway hey, well, now I get a lot more down repeat chorus the off ramp backed up miles today and the carbon fumes were drifting towards the sky the sky began to cry and the thunder booms an' I'm back once again on the car lot an' I ain't even paid for that thing I drove up in yet well, I might make a trade an' I might not but I know I'll remain in debt


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