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THE ARCHERS' SONG From the Broadway Operetta "The Vagabond King" ( 1925) (Rudolf Friml / Brian Hooker) Charles Carver & Male Chorus (Broadway Production) - 1925 Frederic Collier & Male Chorus (London Production) - 1927 Oreste Kirkop & Male Chorus - 1956 There's a crook with a look like a book full of naughtiness (Hi-ho-ho, the gallows tree) With his boot full of loot and his heart full of haughtiness (Hi-ho-ho and up goes he) By day we'll take him tenderly by the door so (By the torso) Lead him straightway to the gallows tree (And the Lord assoil his soul) WHOOAGH! The boys have lost a brother WHOOAGH! The Devil's caught another There let him hang for a warning Four and twenty crows (Arrhh!) Pecking at his nose Will he find repose, God knows! There's a wench on a bench with a French kind of flossiness (Hi-ho-ho, the gallows tree) With a sly sort of eye and the sleek sort of sauciness (Hi-ho-ho and up goes she) Some dark night we'll catch her by the slack of her garter (Hah, for a starter) And march her off and never bring her back (And the Lord assoil her soul) WHOOAGH! There goes your little sister WHOOAGH! Her brother never missed her There let her hang for a warning Four and twenty cats (Meaouw!) Singing sharps and flats (Meaouw!) Where will she be then, Amen! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2006)


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