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THE BALLAD OF THE ONE-EYED JACKS (Morgan) Johnny Burnette A one-eyed Jack rode to Monterey in the heat of the blazing sun. When Sheriff Longworth saw Kid Rio, he strapped on his fast gun. The sheriff didn't trust the one eyed Jack nor the deadly smile he wore. An' when that night he shamed Louisa, in vengeance the sheriff swore. [Chorus:] Beware of the one-eyed Jacks, especially if they're wild. One-eyed Jacks are deadly, even when they smile. Never trust a one-eyed Jack with his cold, cold heart of stone. He will only show one side to you, for his soul is the devil's own. Ten cracks of the sheriff's whip cut deep. The pain-filled Rio cursed. "You'd better kill me while you can or I will get you first." The angry sheriff raised his gun butt high, then smashed Rio's trigger hand. "You're done for now, you one-eyed Jack, you will kill no other man." [Chorus] The creaky iron doors slammed shut tight. The one-eyed Jack was jailed. With Louisa's help he soon escaped for his true love had not failed. The horses rode off with the lovers two as the smokin' six guns burst. The sheriff aimed his gun at the one-eyed Jack, but the one-eyed Jack shot first. [Chorus]


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