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THE BANKS OF NEWFOUNDLAND Traditional On St. Patrick's Day, the seventeenth, from New York we set sail Kind fortune did favour us wi' a sweet and a pleasant gale We bore away from Americay, the wind bein' off the land And wi' courage brave we ploughed the wave bound down for Newfoundland Our Captain's name was Nelson just twenty years of age As true and brave a sailor lad as ever ploughed the wave The Eveline our brig was called belonging to McLean And wi' courage brave we ploughed the wave bound down for Newfoundland When three days out to our surprise our Captain he fell sick He shortly was not able to take his turn on deck The fever raged which made us think that death was near at hand So we bore away from Halifax bound down for Newfoundland At three o'clock we sighted a light that we were glad to see The small-pox bein' ragin', that's what it proved to be At four o'clock in the afternoon, as sure as God's command He passed away in Arichat bound down for Newfoundland All that night long we did lament for our departed friend And we were prayin' unto God for what had been his end We prayed that God would guide us and keep us by his hand And send us fair wind while at sea bound down for Newfoundland (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - July 2003)


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