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THE CAJUN QUEEN (Wayne Walker) Jimmy Dean - 1962 She kinda breezed into town from New Orleans And said, "Boys, I'm Big John's Cajun Queen I didn't come here to argue or waste anybody's time I just come to get my man from your dirty old mine 'Cause he moves me" "Now, where you give up, old Queenie's gonna start 'Cause I got a powerful love in my heart So just show me the hole way down in the ground And tell the whole wide world Big John's been found And he's livin" So, down in the mine without a sign of a light Old Queenie went a-lookin' for John that night She found him there at the bottom of the pit And placed a red hot kiss on his cold, blue lips He started breathin'........Haaaaaaaaaah She waited a minute and then she kissed him again An' old John got the power of a hundred men Up he come a-clawin' and a-diggin' like a mole Said, "Come on, Queenie, we're gonna leave this hole" They started walkin' Now, a roar from the crowd greeted this fine pair As they both walked out in that cool night air And up for silence went Big John's hand And the Queen said, " I told ya I'd get my man 'Cause he moves me You can find 'em today, they're down in New Orleans Big Bad John and his Cajun Queen They're a little bit wrinkled from the strain of time But their love's just as strong as that night in the mine A hundred-and-ten grandchildren Now the moral of this story has a real clear omen Don't you ever underestimate the power of a woman! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2007) (Contributed by - May 2007)


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