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THE CAMEL AND THE BUTTERFLY (Frederic Norton - 1916) Once upon a time there lived a dromedary Oh, so full of woe was he The reason was, because he could not fly like a fairy Oh, so full of woe was he One day he chanced to spy A gorgeous butterfly Said he, "Oh! would you be so kind To teach me how to fly?" And the butterfly just cock'd his eye He saw a chance of fun Said he, aloud, "'Twill make me proud "To show you how it's done" Said the butterfly, "You must climb that mountain bare" (Oh! so weary was the dromedary) "And when you reach the top You must take a jump in the air You will fly like a fairy" The camel closed his eyes And took an awful jump The earth it shook for miles around He fell with such a bump! And I grieve to say, since that sad day All through that dreadful jump That camels all, both great and small Have always had the.... Have always had the hump!


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